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Εσωτερικό Στούντιο

Studio interior
The double bed and the sitting room

The sofa bed

Εσωτερικό στούντιο
                                       Sofa beds & Dining area

The kitchen and the bathroom

The front view  


                                                     Θέα από το Στούντιο

                                                          View from the studio
                                                        Triopetra beach
                                                       Triopetra beach

                                                       Triopetra beach

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  1. Dreams

    Suddenly I wake up and found in the midst of luxurious beach with waves making thundering sounds and I am walking along the beach with each wave kissing my feet and giving me a warm hug. How come I suddenly surround by so many riches of the world unknown to me from birth. This is not happening because of my efforts of hard labour but the subconscious which acted and made to enter into a fourth dimension where everything I aspired, I am getting immediately. At last I have been freed from the black hole in which My life has been sucked for ever because of my very negative thoughts and energy. All now freed from those clutches because of the one person who a well known international psychic "MARIA" who made me to live in my dream world for ever with all fabulous world's riches thanks to her power of mind control.